About 900 Distribution Gluten Free Products

The company started in 2016 but the gluten adventure began in 1986 when the family was testing the first pasta made with alternative raw materials. Today we have developed recipes and technologies that apply to all industries that produce gluten free foods. From pizza to cakes we are capable of supplying raw materials or develop custom blends for any food application.

Our materials are carefully selected from a reliable source of suppliers that can guarantee traceability as well as high quality. Sourcing is global from Italy to India, no location is too far when you want the best ingredients for quality production.

All producers must be certified by international organizations and meet our high quality standards. Years of Experience has taught our family to be very selective of the ingredients we put on your table. NON GMO corn from Italy, legumes from Canada, fibers from South America and India, make up only some of the ingredients we have selected for your meals.

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Simplify your search for a Gluten Free ingredient provider. 900 Distribution has a wide range of corn, rice and other gluten free flours for your application. Save time and let us provide you with the food ingredients you need to produce your final product. Let us help you in developing the new recipe or formula for your special food.

We can help with healthy, reliably sourced gluten free ingredient designed for your application.

Our Gluten Free, Non-GMO Products

Our corn is sourced from European fields guaranteeing a true NON GMO profile. Both white and yellow corn are milled in a gluten free certified facility with strict quality regulations also against soy contamination. The granulation is within 10% of the specified size using an automated sifting system and 6 milling passes to guarantee consistent sizing. A wet de-germination process is used in order to use only the best part of the corn. NON GMO project certification to guarantee a wholesome ingredient. Our rice is sourced from Italian fields and when requested from selected Thai growers. Meticulous and rigorous testing is performed to all incoming raw product to guarantee a high quality final flour.

Legumes have become a part of every diet for their fiber and protein. Our process allows the bean to retain all its characteristics in the raw or pre-gel state. Our pre-gelatinization process is processing in a continuous line to allow a consistent final product without any variation during the process. We source our raw beans from certified growers and inspect all farms prior to receiving it in our facility. New gluten free grains and beans are always being discovered by our team so do not hesitate to contact us with the latest discovery.

Our team has been developing gluten free blends since 1986 using simple recipes. Today the discovery of new and improved ingredients has made it possible to increase the knowledge and versatility of the blends. The development is made upon customer request. The R/D department will develop the recipe and test it directly in the field so that the final result is achieved according to the clients expectations.

Today people are more aware of their diet and we travel the world to find the best suitable products to put on your table. Psyllium from India, Teff from North Africa, mushrooms from Japan....we will go the extra mile to find the best and most unique components for your recipe.